“The biggest thrills still come from the unearthing of barely heard music from artists who might have slipped through history’s cracks. That is what the British label Chopped Herring specializes in.”

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Dec/Jan Cycle #3 


Mac G [IBM Nation] – Where It’s At: the 90’s Demos EP





And here we are – the end of another year of Herring fillets. To celebrate we have an EP of 6 unreleased joints from IBM Nation member Mac G outta Philadelphia. Hardcore collectors will know IBM Nation from their 1990 grail the Brainiac EP which dropped on small indie label Inner City Recs back in the deezy. Unfortunately Mac G had a couple of his crazy nice solo demo tapes stolen from his studio by a shady acquaintance. Those tapes appeared on Ebay shortly afterwards and sold for crazy loot [2k+]. We’re hoping that one day the new owner of those 1992 – 1994 demo tapes will hit us up to share them with the fans, on a  limited vinyl Herring release. But what we do have here are his extra dope unreleased mid 90’s demos.  Peep the snippets and we’ll be back 1st week of January with the final vinyl release of the Dec/Jan Cycle as well as 4 new CD releases. Props for supporting the Herring in 2019 – we have some sureshots already lined up for 2020, the 20th year of the Herring!!!















Dec/Jan Cycle #2



Recognize Ali – Underground King LP


One of the albums of the year, by Ghanaian MC Recognize Ali, is now on vinyl yo!!! Including hardbody features by the likes of Milano Constantine, Skyzoo, Vinnie Paz, Tragedy Khadafi, Chief Kamachi, Trife Diesel and more. This project follows on from the excellent Recognize Ali & Giallo Point ‘Back To Mecca’ album we dropped in April. One of the rising stars of the worldwide underground rap scene, we are proud to present ‘Underground King’ by Rec Ali  – ENJOY!!!




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Last Herring

Dec/Jan Cycle #1




Page The Hand Grenade 

A Day In The Life: The 90’s Demos EP


Damn – this is a dope one!! Page The Hand Grenade aka Stanley Grimes is known mostly for his classy mid-90’s features on D.I.T.C. projects. He featured on Lord Finesse’s “Check Me Out Baby Pah” and O.C. “Weak Ideas” as well as the exceedingly dope Buckwild produced track “Mass Hysteria” from the D.I.T.C. CD “Unreleased Production 1994”. He also was a member of Freestyle Professors and featured on a bunch of their releases and back in the day went by the name of Rampage The only thing the man like Grimes hasn’t done is drop a solo project –  that is until now!!


















Winner of the 2019 Herring Art Competition by azhqone








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