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“The biggest thrills still come from the unearthing of barely heard music from artists who might have slipped through history’s cracks. That is what the British label Chopped Herring Records specializes in….  “

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April/May Cycle #4

Phatheadz pka Real II Reel – Flip Off The Vibes EP




Rap duo Real II Reel aka Phatheadz was formed in 1990 by Ed Gledhill aka Ease and Nick D’Amato aka Nick Nice. The boys grew up in Pennsauken NJ just outside of Philly and met while in high school. They started rapping in their late teens and pressed their first 12 “ in 1990 [2 Def – Soul On A Roll] which featured none other than DJ Royal Rocker from Krown Rulers out of Camden supplying the cuts. Ed was lucky enough [his words] to gain an internship at a studio to learn engineering and that afforded him the time to concentrate on his own production work. Most of the songs back then were recorded onto ADAT. Ed used a Yamaha S-760 for sampling and Roland equipment for beats, sounds and interface for a program called Master Tracks.

They changed the name to Phatheadz shortly after the 12″ dropped because, as they felt, times were changing and the play on numbers in groups titles was getting old [and also maybe because there was a house act called Real II Real?]. They were close with a deal at Ruff House records outta Philly around 1993-1994 but unfortunately it fell through. As with many artists of a certain age, they felt they were getting older and had lives and families and responsibilities and they lost the drive to do it anymore but we are pleased to say they remained friends to this day.

Props to the fellas for letting us do this project and supplying four previously unheard and unreleased heaters. Peep the snippets yo – this is CLASSIC, slept on 93 ish!!!!














April/May Cycle #3

Napoleon Da Legend – Chikara [LP]



And here it is – the brand new album from one of the nicest MC’s working right now, Napoleon Da Legend from Brooklyn, by way of France.  All the [super-dope] samples on this project are from Japanese sources, the title is in Japanese, the track titles are in Japanese and we even have Japanese distro’, but there is no obi-strip in sight!!!  Incredible production/digging comes from Italian beat maker Onion Cuore and this is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the dopest records of the year. Check out the snippets, yo!!







April/May Cycle #2


Tuff Crew – DJ Too Tuff’s Lost Archives EP




And here we have it people – the previously CD-only-released 1992-1993 demos on vinyl for the very first time. Classic unreleased Tuff Crew business from back in the archives of legendary DJ Too Tuff.  Some killers on here for fans of the group as well as the golden era heads out there. Here are 6 crazy nice joints from the project, all transferred from original tapes, reels and DATs. If you don’t know, now you know.  BAM!!!!


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April/May Cycle #1

Burgundy Blood – The Fall Of Man

Herring and Burgundy Blood go back like prehistoric cave paintings and garden loungers, but this is the now people and what we have for you is the album of our times. It’s the shiznizzle, the goose that laid the golden egg, the spatchcock chicken, the wind beneath EVERYONE’S wings AND the cure for our current predicament. Not the Robert Smith, goth-pop Cure, stoopid, but the medicine we all NEED to make us feel human again. These are unprecedented times my friends, but ‘The Fall of Man’ will guide you towards the light, then deviate past the light, back into the darkness, then perform an immaculate 3 point turn, eye up the target and foot down; as we proceed, and continue to rock the mic….

On the really really reel, myself and the man like Matthew have been working together since the early 90’s. I used to spin for Nanosphere Complex, which comprised of Ash-Trai & Z-9, in the mid 90’s; I used to jointly manage their group The Idiots in the late 90’s; the first release on Herring featured Rod Hotley/ly on the cult classic ‘Out To Lunch’ in 2001 and Herring released Burgundy Blood’s debut album ‘Suede Comet’ in 2014 and their debut EP ‘Cordial Stance’ in 2013. So without any cynicism or hi jinx of any kind, I can honestly say, this rare musibiz collaboration which has lasted a few years shy of 30 years, has been the most fulfilling I’ve had in the game [wipes tear from eye, then wipes ass, as writing this on bog]. Ladies and germs, I give you, the very lovely, the extremely fluffy, the Benedict Cumbabubbly, Burgundy Blood and their brand new planet-saving album ‘The Fall Of Man’.

Extra special shout out to Richard for supplying the beats and breaks like he did so expertly on Track 6 of ‘Three Sinister Syllables” back in 2004 and the super talented producer and film maker David, for getting this genius down on tape for the world to see and hear. Further shout outs to Jehst, Juga-Naut & Lunar C for the fine features. Big up fellas – you dropped a gottamn classic here!!!!















All 5 New Feb/March CDs



Yaggfu Front – The Secret Tapes


Dawhud – Crown Jewels [Prod. by Da Beatminerz]


DJ M-1 – Habit Of A Lifetime


Born-God – Who’s That On The Track?


Russ Prez – The Producer Project



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Feb/March Cycle #4

The Bomb Shelta Association – Rebirth LP Vol 2

Oh shiiit – so we’re back with the rest of the Bomb Shelta Association joints from their super rare 1998 cdr-only release. Including are most of the remaining joints that weren’t on Volume 1 of this project. If you don’t know, Bomb Shelta were a Canadian crew of MC’s , DJ’s & producers, formed in 1995 by Shylow, Fear and former member DJ Sinn. This whole project should’ve seen a proper release back in the day and no doubt would’ve been regarded as a classic indie joint. Fortunately Shylow allowed us to do a deal to make it available for the headz!! Big Up!!!













Feb/March Cycle #3

Born-God (Now Born Click) – Who’s That On The Track? EP


This is a real low key one, but a helladope one. Cats will know Born-God from NY mid 90’s crew Now Born Click. His cousin, producer and mentor you will know from the last release on Herring, Russ Prez – and he is responsible for the dope production on this EP. This project only had a limited cassette release back in 1994 and is extremely hard to find. So we had to bring it on wax for the headz. All joints transferred from the original studio DATs and included is a previously unreleased banger!! R.I.P. Born-God.















Russ Prez [Protect Ya Neck Ent] ft KGB & Lac Tha Rippa



Representing Protect Ya Neck Ent from the early days, we have a Russ Prez producer project on Herring. Russ worked with a bunch of Wu-Affiliate artists including Deadly Venoms, Killarmy and the super-dope KGB. He also produced the much in-demand Lac Rippa aka Lac Tha Rippa – Let’s Get It On 12″ on Mentally Disturbed East West. Russ dug out the 2 tracks from that grail plus 2 unreleased Lac joints, 2 unreleased joints from KGB and a heater from The Massive entitled A L L A H. Indie heads peep it, this is a bangin 7 track EP of 90’s flaaaayyyyva….














Yaggfu Front – The Secret Tapes



If you never heard the line “It’s the Yaggfu Front, freakin’ all the stunts, steppin’ with the loot and hittin’ the blunts” then you weren’t checkin’ for hip hop music in the 90’s. That ‘Busted Loop’ 12″ and the b-side ‘Slappin’ Suckas Silly [Remix]’ was in most hip hop dj’s selections. A dance floor sureshot with the aside and it’s instrumental, plus a rugged downtempo heater with classic quotableS on the flip – what more could you want? The album, which I consider to be a classic, was jammed full of some of the nicest breaks and beats used during that period. There were many slept-on album tracks, as the single vinyl EU pressing [the only non-promo vinyl version] was a classic 90’s single vinyl album [low volume] pressing! Even though the vinyl was a bit of a wash out, the album made 200,000 sales – which in anyone’s book should be considered a glowing success. What we have here for your listening pleasure, are a bunch of joints from 1991 up until the later stuff in 2001 that never got a proper release at the time. Eight tracks can be found on the now out of press cd compilation from 2002 and two, which would’ve been on the debut [and only] Yaggfu album, are here in all their glory for the very first time. This selection goes a long way to proving that the Yaggfu Front should’ve been a MUCH “bigger” group than history will most likely tell, and for me, they are dope AF. Enjoy!!!



























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