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The Theory of Timeless Truth #6




What’s tighter and more meaningful than a blood connection between the only two members of a Hip Hop group? Answer, nothing – Timeless is the connection and that’s the truth…

Timeless Truth, brothers Aramis (OPrime39) and Joel (Solace) (28 and 25 years old respectively) were born in Corona, Queens to Dominican parents. Growing up there was only Spanish spoken in the family home. No one helped them with their assignments from school, in fact it was more likely that older brother Joel would help his folks with their broken English. The brothers’earliest exposure to flava was the Pine Sol joints heard on the radio while their mom was cleaning the house – dope ‘ballad break’ artists like Los Angeles Negros and Sandro (Herring’s personal favourite influences!!). Their culture was most definitely Dominican. The food, the customs, the music and the particular form of Spanish related precisely to their heritage – Washington Heights over in Manhattan had a strong Dominican identity – and Corona represented Queens. The Rodriguez’s moved to Flushing when their dad got the job of super (caretaker) of an apartment building over there. The job of super seemed to be an exclusively Dominican trade back then and the boys’ father took them to work with him when they were old and responsible enough. It was their father who instilled in them the importance of hard work and diligence, something they proudly bring with them to their art.



Coming from a large family, with 8 aunts and uncles and a whole host of cousins, the boys had no lack of exposure to the music, clothing and NY youth culture of the day. With so many family members (and they were a tight knit crew!) there was no shortage of flavasome hand-me-downs – both musical and wearable, in the form of fly garms. Their older cousin Felix would hit up the clothing outlets and score dope jackets for the boys (which began their passion for Lo gear) and they would receive tapes from other cousins purchased from Columbia House Record and Tape club and other subscription services they were too young to join. Their mum would give the cousins shit for exposing her sons to ‘Parent Advisory’ labelled material but their dad would be more lenient letting them listen to ‘Breaking Atoms’ or ‘Midnight Marauders’ in the car when she wasn’t around.



As soon as they were old enough, true to the hard work ethic handed down to them, they were ‘encouraged’ to get summer jobs. The 104th Street and 37 Ave Church ran a programme during the summer months which would get young cats in touch with employees, arrange work papers and teach teenagers the value of ‘an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay’. The last pay check of the summer was always the illest as 2 months would be paid in one go. With that last 600 buck, bumper check in the summer of 1999, OP39 copped his first set of decks, Numark TT1700’s with the blue dog mixer – BELT DRIVEN SON! Now there were turntables in the house and naturally, wax followed. OP’s record store of choice was ‘All the Right Records’ in Flushing where he would cop 12″s for the instrumentals to rhyme over.  At this point I should say that the two brothers weren’t really hangin out and sharing their passion for Hip Hop culture. Three years separated them and that seemed like a whole generation at the time. They had different friendship circles and were forging their own paths for the moment. One day, hearing his older brother and their cousins rhyming over instrumental records in his bedroom, Joel bust in and while observing the skills on display was asked to kick a verse with the older boys – he ‘got up’ and that moment was the very first stage of Timeless Truth. It would be years later before they ‘became’ a rap duo.



Graf had been a big part of OP39’s life since riding the (over ground) 7 train through Queens, seeing the roof top pieces and checkin the styles. One writer who’s pieces stood out to him was Flushing legend UEND. Ten years his senior, UEND was not only a major influence on OP but also became his writing partner. After finding the graf blackbook of a deceased brother of a close friend, OP had sped up his passion and creative styles by blatantly biting some of the joints (one of the best ways to learn a style before developing your own – NO DOUBT!). His partnership with UEND was the final stage in him finding his own style of writing.



After many years of MC’ing with their respective friends the boys had the realisation that a rap act made up of two brothers would be the ultimate. In the early 2000s they began rhyming together as OPrime39 and Solace – but they were searching for a name to sum up where they were coming from, plus to lift their pastime on to a more professional plateau. The first tracks they recorded together were around 2004 and it wasn’t until 2007 that they adopted the name Timeless Truth. Solace, who was studying at Baruch College in Manhattan was in a philosophy class one day. He was zonin’ out, thinking of him and his brother’s art and not really listening to the professor. For some reason the word Timeless was floating around his head and at that moment the professor began to talk about ‘The Theory Of Timeless Truth’. A little tripped out by this freak scenario, (Superbad) Solace brought it up to his bro that evening and suggested ‘The Theory Of Timeless Truth’ as the duo’s new name – OP39 thought it was a little long for a Hip Hop act’s name and they agreed to refine it down to Timeless Truth and so the group was born. Peep it yo:




A1 Connect 4 feat. Thirstin Howl III & Meyhem Lauren
A2 Scene of the Rhyme
A3 Amazin’ feat. Action Bronson
A4 True Grit feat. Sean price

B1 Circa
B2 Memorex Massacre
B3 Irene feat. Roc Marciano
B4 Leave it Alone

A1 produced by Keybangaz. A2,A3,B1,B2 & B3 produced by R8DER except. A4 & B4 produced by Roc Marciano.




Welcome Back to the Great Outdoors 


Record 1

Meyhem Lauren – Self Induced Illness EP #4




A1 Just Can’t Win
A2 Live Shit
A3 Day After Day feat Gab Gotcha, Action Bronson & Animal
A4 Gunslinger

B1 Cross Roads feat. Roc Marciano
B2 Swiss Alps feat. Action Bronson
B3 What Kind Of Life
B4 Another Hustle

A1 & A3 produced by Nickel Plated. A2 & B4 produced by J-Love. A4 produced by Shakim Allah.  B1 produced by Anabolic. B2 produced by Thorotracks. B3 produced by Blunt.



Record 2

Shaz IllYork –  Queens Center EP #5



A1 Black Rain feat. Action Bronson
A2 Low Down feat. Meyhem Lauren
A3 Black Chambers
A4 Glitch in the Matrix feat. Eff Yoo

B1 Watch Me (wild out boys) feat. Nems
B2 Immaculate
B3 Broadway Lafayette feat. Starker
B4 Bullpens feat Starvin B

Track A1 is produced by Anabolic. A2 and B2 by Don Producci. Track A3 by Tommy Mas. Track A4 & B3 by Golden Child. Track B1 by J-Love. B4 by Ligalize.



Outdoorsmen crew in full effect!! #3

There’s a scurrilous rumour doin’ the rounds that the Respect The Fly Shit project was recorded in a hotel room during the SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas, March 2012. Never a more elaborate hoax has been perpetrated on the Hip Hop community than this. Chopped Herring Records, not for the first time, drops knowledge on this highly sophisticated ruse conjured up by none other than music industry visionist and ballet connoisseur Dante Ross. Remember the so-called moon landing, the toppling of the Berlin wall and Blackburn Rovers winning the English Premier League? The Respect The Fly Shit EP is part 4 in that shocking quartet of bullshittings – make no mistake rap fans…


The clues: 

1) No one makes an album/mixtape/collection of songs as dope as this in a 3 and a half star star hotel. Every KRS-ONE-fearing Hip Hop head knows that one must suffer to create great art.

2) There has been much talk in the Hip Hop press of humongous room service bills and destroyed hotel property – apparently all the complimentary envelopes were written on and NONE were actually mailed out and reputedly the toilet in room 423 had developed legs and fled the scene – none of which is true. In fact all Outdoorsmen members use their own porta-bidets when touring and all would have brought their own, Outdoorsmen-initialled envelopes. The idea of grown men rappers scrawling on complimentary envelopes and not mailing them out to friends and family is frankly preposterous.

2) If you listen very carefully to each track individually, you will hear a certain sound at a particular frequency . That particular frequency is the frequency that indicates a dope album not having been made in an Embassy suites hotel room – that frequency reeks of Holiday Inn – TRUST !



Ahhh fuck it…As has previously been advertised this project was recorded over several days in the Embassy Suites Hotel, Austin TX in 2012 with all artists high on Hardcore Hip Hop music.

Now for da realness:

We have 2 eight track EP’s for you rap fiends. The first one is a vocal EP including seven vocal joints off the Respect The Fly Shit EP and one instrumental jam. The second EP is a predominantly instrumental joint but includes the bonus track Grown Man Palettes featuring none other than Sean P(rice). Other guests include Outdoorsmen Action Bronson and AG Da Coroner as well as Roc Marciano, Smoke DZA, Thristin Howl III, Despot and J-Love. Production is by Tommy ‘Dr Lecter’ Mas and Harry Fraud.


Record 1

Meyhem Lauren – Respect The Fly Shit EP

Side A

1)BBQ Brisket feat. Action Bronson and AG Da Coroner
2)Pan Seared Tilapia feat.AG Da Coroner, Action Bronson and Despot
3)Lets Hold Hands 
4)Drug Lords feat. AG Da Coroner and Action Bronson

Side B

1)Peace Dad
2)Peruvian Desserts feat Action Bronson and Roc Marciano
3)Radioactive Tuna feat. Smoke DZA, J-Love and Thirstin Howl III
4)Drug Lords (Instrumental)

Tracks A2,A3,B1,B2 produced by Tommy Mas Tracks A1,A4,B3,B4 produced by Harry Fraud. 
All tracks recorded in Room #423 Embassy Suites,Austin,TX 2011.



Record 2

Meyhem Lauren – Respect The Fly Shit Instrumentals EP


Side A

1)Grown Man Palettes feat. Sean Price (vocal)
2)Top Of The World (Instrumental)
3)Pan Seared Tilapia (Instrumental)
4)BBQ Brisket (Instrumental)

Side B

1)Grown Man Palettes (Instrumental)
2)Peruvian Desserts (Instrumental)
3)Radioactive Tuna (Instrumental)
4)Lets Hold Hands (Instrumental)

Tracks A2,A3,B2,B4 produced by Tommy Mas Tracks A1,A4,B1,B3 produced by Harry Fraud All tracks recorded in Room #423 Embassy Suites,Austin,TX 2011.






Whenever cats talk about the recent resurgence and re-establishment of NYC Hip Hop as the driving force of the movement (as it should be), the name Meyhem Lauren is NEVER left out. Hailin’ from the borough of Queens, this die hard Lo-Life vet made his first MC appearance on J-Love’s (Ghostface’s long-serving tour DJ) “King of What I Do Part 6” 2004 mixtape. Most of you Herring cats will need little introduction to Mey, but for those that don’t know (the shame!), he featured on last summer’s Chopped Herring Records release ‘Welcome to the Great Outdoors EP’ alongside his homeboys Action Bronson and Shaz Illyork. That was the first and ONLY vinyl release from those Queens’ natives and this limited edition EP is the second.

Meyhem is most definitely on his way up. As well as gettin mad love on a host of NYC radio shows including NYU Halftime Show, Rap is Outta Control, Industry Shakedown, Sirius Satellite Wax 40 Pure Amazement Show and many more, he has featured on recent projects with Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Sean Price, Thirstin Howl III, Maffew Ragazino among others and has been headlining and rockin venues all over the North East and NYC.

‘The Total Meyhem EP’ features the HUGELY in-demand modern day Graffiti anthem ‘Got the Fever’. If you aren’t one of the [nearly] 200,000 hits that have checked it already on the tube, peep what is probably the DOPEST NYC graf music video EVER:



Also included on the LIMITED VINYL ONLY EP is the underground Hip Hop internet banger ‘Ray Lewis’ featuring fellow Outdoorsmen crew members Action Bronson and AG Da Coroner, the PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED bomb ‘Total Meyhem’ and the PF Cuttin (Blahzay Blahzay) produced future NYC Anthem ‘NY Where Ya At!?’.

Meyhem Lauren currently features on the Action Bronson and Statik Selektah album ‘Well Done’ and has a full length album in the pipeline with said Action Bronson and an album droppin in 2012 produced by legendary DITC producer Buckwild.

Peep more here: www.meyhemlauren.com

A1 Got The Fever
A2 Ray Lewis feat. Action Bronson + AG Da Coroner
A3 The Silk Shirt Ambassador

B1 Steak with a Glass of Red
B2 Total Meyhem
B3 NY Where Ya At?!

“Straight out the borough that raised Gotti”
Meyhem Lauren – ‘Queens’

What ya know about Queens??? #1

by Pro Celebrity Golf

I was lucky enough (actually i had been evicted the day before) to find myself living in Woodside for several months some time in 2007. Brooklyn has that trendy shit goin on, ya know, mad Hipster shmucks and trustafarians. Not exclusively of course, but if you’ve ever lived there ya know what i mean. Manhattan is on some high roller, premium real estate steelo. And the Bronx? Well, I don’t have the balls to be dissin’ the Bronx in any way! But Queens, Queens is something else. If Queens was a dope Hip Hop artist he’d be slept on. And if real Hip Hop, the music, and the culture, is about eclecticism, multiculturalism and the urban melting pot, then the borough of Queens IS Hip Hop.

The often-quoted ‘138 languages spoken’ is just an example of what makes this usually neglected borough of NY different from the others. Greeks in Astoria, Chinese and Koreans in Flushing, Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in Jackson Heights are just a few of the multitude of ethnic communities that have made Queens their home. The culture, the languages and the food are all there in abundance. And so is the musical legacy……….


Queens has been home to many leading artists in the field of black music going way back. It provided artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, John Coltrane and Billie Holiday with an escape from the over-crowded streets of Harlem. Back in the deezy Queens was a quiet, greener place, where performers and creative types could work on their art and in some cases bring up families away from the crime and danger that inner city living offered. The baton was passed down to the next generations of Queens residents as some of Hip Hop’s leading producers and MC’s came from the county: Marley Marl, Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest, Kool G Rap, Nas, Mobb Deep and many others were brought up and later resided there.


Out of this unique area of New York comes a new generation of Hip Hop artists, dedicated to reppin’ their home borough and expressing what it means to them. Meyhem LaurenAction Bronson and Shaz Illyork are all in their mid to late 20s and have been takin’ the New York Hip Hop scene by storm. They’ve been droppin numerous mixtapes, digital albums, cd albums and rockin non-stop radio spots and live jams for the last couple of years but no VINYL has been released.


Chopped Herring Records is thoroughly proud to have hooked up with the DOPEST new talent to come out of NYC for very many years and are introducing them on vinyl for the very first time with ‘Welcome to the Great Outdoors’, an 8-track EP of some of their SICKEST joints never pressed on vinyl until NOW. You are gonna be hearin lots more from these cats in the years to come…..


Peep the full tracklisting:

A1 Meyhem Lauren – Queens
A2 Shaz Illyork – Painkillers
A3 Action Bronson – Dance Song
A4 Meyhem Lauren – Makin Stacks

B1 Meyhem Lauren & Action Bronson – Typhoon Rap
B2 Shaz Illyork & Action Bronson – German Engineering
B3 Shaz Illyork – Die Dreaming
B4 Action Bronson – Imported Goods

A1 & A4 produced by J-Love, A2 & A3 produced by Don Producci, B1 produced by Metaphysics, B2 produced by Chad Dubz, B3 produced by Prolific, B4 produced by Falside.

Peep the snippets:

350 copies pressed on VINYL ONLY


This limited edition vinyl EP opens up with the track ‘Queens’ by Meyhem Lauren. Produced by Ghostface Killah’s DJ and Queens mixtape don J-Love it is simply an homage to the place these boys hail from.

Next up is a killer cut from graf writer and Queens MC Shaz Illyork. The beat is produced by a fresh beatmaker called Don Producci, who has a knack of using the sickest music for his break-led tracks. We have been loving this joint since we first heard it and contacted Shaz immediately about hookin’ this project up. Props to the man like Shaz and the man Baramee for the video:



So there are a couple more videos for tracks on the EP that we wanna show you cats. The first is Meyhem Lauren & Action Bronson – Typhoon Rap. This silly shit fits in perfectly with the Chopped Herring Records steelo. You just KNOW Bronson always wanted to be a pro wrestler!!!



And finally, Queens in full bloom. Action Bronson‘s underground smash displayin’ the different colours and smells of Flushing,NY entitled ‘Imported Goods’. Props to Brant Kantor for the video.



And if you don’t already know, Bronson, as well as bein one of the sickest MC’s to come outta NYC for many years, is also an aspiring TV chef – Peep one of his popular youtube cooking show blueprints to get you in the mood for this succulent fillet of Herring vinyl.




CHQU33NS01 Meyhem Lauren + Action Bronson – Welcome to the Great Outdoors EP
CHQU33NS02 Meyhem Lauren – The Total Meyhem EP
CHQU33NS03 Meyhem Lauren – Respect The Fly Shit EP
CHQU33NS04 Meyhem Lauren – Self Induced Illness EP
CHQU33NS05 Shaz IllYork – Queens Center EP
CHQU33NS06 Timeless Truth – Scene of the Rhyme EP
CHQU33NS07 Meyhem Lauren + IceRocks – Raw Cashmere EP
CHQU33NS08 Shaz IllYork – The Revival EP
CHQU33NS09 Spit Gemz/Starvin B/Eff Yoo – Home of the Brave EP
CHQU33NS10 Meyhem Lauren – Digital Camo EP
CHQU33NS11 Starvin B – Be Like Water EP
CHQU33NS14 Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild – Silk Pyramids Extras EP
CHQU33NS15 Timeless Truth – Dominican DINER EP
CHQU33NS16 Starvin B – Blood from a Stone EP
CHQU33NS17 Meyhem Lauren & Ice Rocks – More Cashmere EP





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