So the first limited Herring of 90’s material was outta the Bushwick neighbourhood of Brooklyn by obscure crew Da Dysfunkshunal Familee. 300 copies were pressed on black vinyl only in 2009 and started what was to be a long archiving project of rare and unreleased hip hop material…





Followed later that year with Vol 2:


The 3rd part of the Bushwick Series was the much-in-demand unreleased material from the 1996/7 D&D Studio’s session by Shadez Of Brooklyn, which was produced by the cats that started the Bushwick Series rollin the world famous Da Beatminerz (Evil Dee, Mr Walt & Rich Blak). Mr Walt and Evil Dee had released 3 singles with Shadez Of Brooklyn on their own label Pandemonium Wrekords and there had been a whole album of material in the vaults that had never seen the light of day. One of the tracks ‘Everyday Livin’ had featured on the Evil Dee Mixtape Vol 1 and for years headz had been yearning for a vinyl release of the underground Hip Hop classic. Along with Da Beatminerz, we selected 6 tracks for the Pandemonium EP: 5 had never been released before and the indy anthem ‘Change’ was thrown in for good measure.



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Just when you thought it was over we dropped yet another DOPE project in the Bushwick series. Bazarro hooked us up with Hip Hop’s hardest working B-Boy, D-Stroy from legendary Fondle Em recording artists Arsonists. He let us in on his unreleased material from around 1994, a virtual album of early 90s sounding bombs he put together with the NYC mixtape king Dj Tony Touch. D-Stroy met Tony one day in a now long-gone record store in Bushwick and began a professional relationship and friendship that is still as strong today as it ever was. D-Stroy started passing material over to us in May 2010 and by November that year we had put together the EP that you hear now. The masters were dusted off and worked on over the next few months and by 2011 we were ready to announce the project. Props to a very nice guy D-Stroy for all his help in making this a truly ILL release on Chopped Herring Records.






We dropped Volume 5 in 2012 and was by our long time friends Finsta Bundy which included unheard 90’s material recorded at the legendary D&D Studios…








The same year we dropped our 3rd Da Dysfunkshunal Familee release entitled ‘Shit Iz on Point ’94-’97 EP’



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We’d been trying to find Poops for a long ass time. We had hit up Pumpkinhead who recorded an infamous freestyle with him which was played several times on the Stretch & Bobbito WKCR 89.9 show, but hadn’t heard from dude in years. [edit R.I.P.]. Every lead turned into a big fat NADA. Then we hear from Finsta Bundy’s DJ Primetime who asked us if we were interested in releasing some demo joints by a local Bushwick artist called……..Poops. BLEW OUR MINDS!!! Of course we freakin did. So we were put in touch with FBoom who produced all of Poops’ tracks. Even now we have linked we STILL have very little info about the artist. We spoke on the phone briefly, he didn’t have any pictures from the time, any artwork and even much recollection of years and events. So f*ck it, who needs a back story!!! HA. What we have here are 5 unreleased and unheard tracks from 95-97 and 1 unreleased but “heard” track called “The Shit” which was played around 1996 on Stretch & Bob’s WKCR 89.9 show. Props to SwerveOne for the super dope artwork and a massive shout out to Primetime who made this happen – BIG UP!!!



While all the vinyl is sold out, we have released some material on CD for those who dig old school formats!!



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