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So peep it, we’ve been doing things in our own Fishy way, via pre-orders since the late 2000’s. We drop on average 4 or 5 releases every “cycle”. At the end of each “cycle” we work out the total shipping and invoice you through the website [my account] for any additional shipping costs that are required.

There will be an “Add to my order” COUPON CODE available to use in the basket for all pre-orders in the cycle EXCEPT the first one. YOUR first order of any cycle will include shipping for that item and for all FUTURE orders of that cycle you will use the COUPON CODE so that you aren’t paying excess shipping charges throughout the cycle. You will enter the COUPON CODE in the Basket [where it says PROMO CODE] and then press APPLY COUPON BUTTON next to it – that will REMOVE the shipping 😉


What is a “cycle”?

A cycle is a period of time, from the beginning of one month to midway through the following month. Over that period of time, we will make various vinyl and cd releases available to purchase on pre-order. At the end of the cycle, the items will be shipped together in one package…


What are “pre-orders”?

We press up 4-5 vinyl releases and we make each one available every first Monday and Thursday to purchase on pre-order. That means that you have paid for and own the record, but it will be shipped, along with all your orders for that cycle, once the item is in stock. Shipping is always within 2 weeks of the final pre-order of the cycle. Here’s an example:


July/August Cycle

1st pre-order Monday 2nd July
2nd pre-order Thursday 5th July
3rd pre-order Thursday 2nd August
4th pre-order Monday 6th August
CD pre-orders Thursday 9th August
Shipping July/August cycle begins 13th August.


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