Absolute Value – Rip Wreck Shop & Hip Hop EP [VINYL]

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Unreleased and unknown group from Brooklyn’s early 90’s demo material now on wax, for the headz.

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“Absolute Value (or The Value for short) originated from Flatbush, Brooklyn in the heart of New York City.

The four members who make up the group went to high school together and formed Absolute Value in 1989. The group includes lead rappers, Sir Prince-The Lyricist and Tah Phrum Duh Bush A.K.A. The P-Nut Butta, The Colored Brother. In addition, the scratch wizard D.J. Dom Nice The Turntable Terrorist and finally, vinyl junkie and producer The Track Master Manduro 3000.

Born during what can be called the golden age of sample-based Hip Hop, Absolute Value were influenced by other popular late 80’s and early 90’s groups such as De La Soul, Wu Tang Clan, and A Tribe Called Quest. It must be noted however that there was a difference between the typical groups of that time and Absolute Value. As a collective group Absolute Value took a left turn, trying to do their own thing without following a standard pattern, “Our music can be described as party songs with a comical, but rough edge. We all came together with a love of rap and knew we wanted to create our own thing with a different style” (Manduro 3000 quote). It was the mission of this group to be unique. Songs consisting of rapid fire lyrics over melodies and hard drum breaks added humor on top of the music.

The majority of their music was recorded between 1989 to 1996. Before an official deal with a record label could be agreed upon, Absolute Value disbanded in 1998 and over 16 years of music was shelved on master reels and DAT tapes. Since that period each of the 4 group members did continue on in the music scene and in 2016 decided collectively to finally give the Absolute Value material a proper release.”


A1 Rip Wreck Shop and Hip Hop
A2 F.U.T.A.
A3 The Essence

B1 Screw U and Your Crew
B2 Da Schnake
B3 The Get Down
B4 Screw U and Your Crew (Instrumental)

All lyrics were written by Sir Prince The Lyricist and Tah Phrum Duh Bush,
except B3 which was written by Sir Prince The Lyricist
and A3 which was written by Tah Phrum Duh Bush.
All cuts and scratches performed by DJ Dom Nice.
All music production by Manduro for 48th Level Productions.








Price is £19.99 + shipping

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY

This first 120 copies will be on Green, Purple and Clear mixed coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 230 are on traditional black vinyl






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