Burgundy Blood – Suede Comet 2xLP [VINYL]

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Herrring OG drops a beast of an album feat Kool Keith, Meyhem, Sadat X and more…

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40,000 years in the making, Fresh Herring Records presents, the pinnacle of hardcore, light-entertainment Rap music: the very nice, the very cuddly, Burgundy Blood and the debut album Suede Comet. Rumour has it that a clammy yet wonderous turd from another galaxy landed on Earth nearly 40,000 years ago, attached to a comet made of the underside skin of an extraterrestrial calf-like creature. The turd was worshipped by the pious for its distinctive aroma for many centuries until it turned white and disappeared. At this point it was forgotten forever.

Forever, that was, until NOW. Now [precisely 9pm GMT on the 17th November in the year of our lord 2014] the likeness of that aroma has been transmographised in the form of progressive Hip Hop jawns, arranged into a magical, mellifluous sequence and packaged in a full colour gate fold sleeve, designed by the reet excellent¬†Mishka Henner. Guest apperances from Kool Keith, Sadat X, Meyhem Lauren & X-Ray and legendary production by Kill Money make this tribute to the original Suede Comet [which carried that shit to Earth] one of the musical highlights of your life. Don’t sleep – this is so, so damn real..BELIEVE!!!



A1 Jane Fonda
A2 Splash Gordons feat. Meyhem Lauren
A3 Bury Fools

B1 Image of a Don feat. Kool Keith
B2 Jewmaicans
B3 Phil Coffins
B4 One Word Answer feat X-Ray (King Cesar)

C1 Out The Box feat. Konny Kon & Chalk
C2 Media City
C3 Elephants Breath feat Sadat X

D1 Triumph
D2 Vanderbilt
D3 Suede Comet feat X-Ray (King Cesar)

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