Down To Erf – Tree House Vol 2 EP [VINYL]

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The rare Down To Erf material gets a vinyl drop on Herring.

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Dang, we’ve been trying to find these masters for a minute. We nearly had them through the Brass Tacks connect, but it slipped our fishy grip. Then when we ran into Nick @ Tree House through a regular Herring customer, we got a little closer. When Nick finally met up with the Erf brothers after many years and went through their old DATS we were THERE. There has been a bunch of misinformation regarding a [mythical] vinyl release of some of these tracks – suffice to say, there was no vinyl release – until NOW. Down to Erf were a Canada-based group comprising of MC Mathematik and beat makers and siblings Steely Dan & Wal. Their sound was distinct and as flavasome as any classic 90’s act. It’s a crying shame they never blew up – maybe, once we have gone through more of the unreleased material and dropped it on wax it for the heads, more cats will know the ledge. Meanwhile, peep this, the excellent 3rd release of June – one more to come!!!….BOOOM!!!


A1 Down To Erf – Insertion of Thought
A2 Down To Erf – Mime
A3 Down To Erf – Rhyme Training (Original)

B1 Down To Erf – On My Mind
B2 Down To Erf – It Was I
B3 Down To Erf – To Each His Own

Price is £19.99 + shipping
There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY

The first 75 are on Red, Gold & Green mixed coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on Clear, Green & White coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl




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Weight 235 g

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