Intrepid Stylez – Junior Criminalz EP [VINYL]

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Dope unreleased material from 1996/7 by obscure Toronto based artists.

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Dope unreleased material from 1996-1997 out of Toronto, Canada by way of the UK. Intrepid Stylez dropped one 12″ in 1998 and a cd only album in 1999. That was it. These tracks are previously unheard/unreleased demos from before their 2 releases dropped. Strong shout out Chris & Neil at  Dope & Dust Recordings out of Canada for hooking this up – the CD will be released on their label sooooooon….




A1 Massacre Pt. 1
A2 Junior Criminalz
A3 For Instance
A4 Da Outcome

B1 How De Hell feat Sample King
B2 Kasualities
B3 Streetz No Joke

All songs written by Intrepid Stylez for I.S.R. Productions.
All songs produced by D.J Kama for I.S.R. Productions.
Vocals Recorded By Sheldon Sampson (R.I.P) & Erik Krallisch.
Executive Producer Richard Bonner for I.S.R. Productions.
Contact: [email protected]
© 1997 I.S.R. Productions

£19.99 + shipping

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

This first 120 copies on Yellow/Blue Mixed vinyl. SOLD OUT

The next 230 are on traditional black.




Here is an interview with Mast & Kama from the crew:


Introduce the members and tell us a little bit about their backgrounds…


Special: aka the little one aka devil eyez He’s straight off the block 13 a hood in Toronto. He is the most ferocious MC out of the group and a foot solider

Chill Da Bandit: He’s straight off the Block 13 also. His crafty rhyme and street style made him the most visual of the crew.

DJ Kama: The production mastermind of the crew. His dark, funky street production was the soundtrack of the crew. Kama travelled to Toronto for the U. K and brought that hustling edge to the group.

Mast: The mastermind in connecting all of the pieces of the transatlantic division of the I.S.R crew. Intrepid Stylez was the result of a love for hip hop and a means to create the type of music the crew wanted to hear.


How old were you and where did you grow up? 

Mast: I was 24 when we recorded the music. I grew up in the U.K and moved to Toronto when I was 16. Chill would have been 18 and Special 16.

DJ Kama: I was 26. Born in London but parents moved to a commuter town called Harlow just outside London when I was 3/4 years old.


What are your earliest recollections of the culture?

Mast: My older brother (Nix) introduced me to my first Hip Hop song. Then I just started to listen to all of it. I remember LWR in London and hearing Westwood playing it on the radio. I was amazed that people that looked and thought like me were a part  of this culture that I soon found out was called Hip Hop

DJ Kama: Buffalo girls video, Wildstyle, Rappers delight. Also Style Wars. Also Jammy a Bboy from my original ISR Bboy Crew who’s brother went to see the Clash I think and RSC was also there and he was telling me about it in like ’82.


Who are your production/hip hop influences?

Mast: Rakim, Nas, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Showbiz and AG, J Dilla, Q-Tip

DJ Kama: Production wise I would say Marley Marl, Primo, Pete Rock, QTip, Large Pro, and also Erick Sermon…Breakin had to be RSC as they were the 1st Boys I really see and also NYC Breakers a little later on. Also have to say Afrika Islam who did the Zulu Beat Show on WHBI in NYC we would get tapes of the show which just had pure break beats being cut up, which is original hip hop music really. Other tapes I would get was the Bronx River Jam tapes with Jazzy Jay, Bambaataa etc, so those tapes got me to start digging for breaks


When did you start recording?

Mast: I’m thinking that was back in 87, I used to make pause button loops and rhyme in my bedroom, then I got an ASR 10 and continued with that.

DJ Kama: 91/92


Who did you learn from coming up?

Mast: I learnt from my brothers (Nix and T) and the I.S.R crew.

DJ Kama: Music wise no one in particular, just listened to good music and liked soul, funk, jazz funk and reggae so hip hop was just a extension really, and got to grips with cubase on the Atari and Akai S950 and just done my thing.


When did you meet the other members of the group?

Mast: Kama and I go way back to school days. I used to run with Kama and the crew from back the days… breaking, writing and hustling. C is my cousin and Special was my cousins next door neighbour, I met them when I moved to Toronto.

DJ Kama: I knew Mast from 83/4ish from the Breakin days and met Special and Chill when I 1st came out to T.O in 88 I think.


When did you guys start recording?

The Intrepid Stylez crew started recording when some of the older heads from the block gave us their first demo track (made on the TR-808). Next Mast started created tracks for the demo. Mean while over in the U.K DJ Kama was hustling, building a studio which would be were the final production cane from.


Were you pushing demos or was the plan always self-funded releases?

The plan was to stay independent until we could get a distribution deal.


What happened after the 12″ and cd releases? Did you guys split up or did “life” mean you went your own ways?

Mast: The music business was different back then. Studio time and all the other expenses that come along with music hurt. Everyone need money to live. Some of the group members went their own way, others kept the link strong like family.

DJ Kama: Life, bills, family etc and basically run out of money to keep doing it.


How many copies did you press of the 2 releases?

The vinyl single only had 200 copies and the cd album was 250 copies

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