Kwest Tha Madd Lad – Old To The New LP [VINYL]

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Incredible album from the Queens MC spanning 1994-2019.

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There are not too many artists who can maintain over a quarter of a century but the man like Kwest Tha Madd Lad dropped a superb project a few months back and we decided to combine that full project with 5 tracks off his “These Are My Unreleased Recordings” previously only available on CD via the excellent No Sleep Recordings and promos. His first album, on Rick Rubin’s American Recordings took a couple of years to drop but was completed in 1994. After the schedule was messed around with in favour of different artists on the label, the record finally dropped in 1996. At that time Kwest decided to leave out some of his earlier recordings from the session, so they never made it onto wax. But we are proud to say that the time has finally come to give them a vinyl airing. The new EP ‘S.P.I.T.R” was produced by Aneeway Jones and X-Ray Da MIndbenda [M.I.C.] and is one of the freshest and competent releases by a “mature mc”  of recent years. The ‘Old To The New’ LP spans 1994 to 2019 in a seamless homage to the timeless art of lyricism. Enjoy!!!!





Old Side

A1 Bust ‘Em Off
A2 Blase Blah (Remix)
A3 A.M. / P.M.
A4 What’s The Reaction (Remix)
A5 Organized Rhyme (Word Is Bond)


New Side

B1 Intro- Kwest Loves Questlove’s Kwest Love
B2 World Premier
B3 SPIT (Speaking In Toungues) ft L.I.F.E. Long
B4 Bourbon Street
B5 A King Speaks (Interlude)
B6 Power of Three Ft Darc Mind
B7 Thoughts

A1, A3 & A5 produced by DJ Homicide. A2 produced by The Baka Boyz. A4 That Kid From Corona.
B1 Intro produced by Pete MrPedro Salter. B2- B4, B6 & B7 beats produced by Aneeway Jones.
B5 produced by X-Ray Da Mindbenda.
Songs B2-B7 produced by X-Ray Da Mindbenda. B3 cuts by DJ Afar.

Dope artwork by S-Code



£21.99 + shipping

There will be 350 copies pressed only.




Cover is a plain white sleeve with full colour large 20cm x 20cm sticker.




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