Livin Proof – Funky Cowboys 1 & 2 [Tape]

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The full Livin’ Proof project on limited tape!!

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Livin Proof – Funky Cowboys [TAPE]


Side A

1 Mo News Proof
2 Anywhere
3 Who’s That (Bruce Lee Version)
4 I Got You Stuck (starring Baby Phase)
5 What (Part 1)
6 The Fizzo
7 Yesterday Mourn (starring Moorish Dey)

Side B

1 Go Go (starring Buddy Lee)
2 My Team Be Settin Niggaz (Starring Emcee Philpot, Bizarre Kid,
Moorish Dey & Baby Phase Nelson)
3 What!! Pt 2
4 Da Science
5 Lois Lane
6 Funky Cowboys (starring Buddy Lee)


150 Copies


£9.99 + shipping


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Weight 60 g

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