Meyhem Lauren – Terminal Illness LP [VINYL]

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Most of the remaining Self Induced Illness material, now on vinyl yo!!!

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For the first time on vinyl – it’s that DOPE from Meyhem’s debut 2009 project “Self Induced Illness” – including the underground cult classic “Cash is King” & guest spots from Action Bronson, AG Da Coroner, Animal and other peak-era Outdoorsmen artists. Queens, we in here!!!

Artwork by Mark 563 – big up!



A1 Terminal Illness feat AG Da Coroner
A2 Cash Is King
A3 Verbal Snapshots
A4 Amigo
A5 7000 Thoughts

B1 Got the Recipe feat Action Bronson
B2 Heavy Cream
B3 The Geneva Conference feat Bags, Action Bronson,Science, Animal & Jay Steele
B4 Respect My Honesty



£19.99 + shipping

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY
This first 120 copies will be on Clear & Orange coloured vinyl
And the remaining 230 are on traditional black vinyl






CHQU33NS01 Meyhem Lauren + Action Bronson – Welcome to Great Outdoors EP 2011
CHQU33NS02 Meyhem Lauren – The Total Meyhem EP 2012
CHQU33NS03 Meyhem Lauren – Respect The Fly Shit EP 2012
CHINST02 Meyhem Lauren – Respect The Fly Shit Instrumentals EP 2012
CHQU33NS04 Meyhem Lauren – Self Induced Illness EP 2012
CHM3YH3MLP01 Meyhem Lauren – Mandatory Brunch Meetings 2013
CHBONU503 Bonus White Label EP 2013
CHQU33NS07 Meyhem Lauren + IceRocks – Raw Cashmere EP 2013
CHQU33NS10 Meyhem Lauren – Digital Camo EP 2013
CHMEY3MLP002 Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild Silk Pyramids LP
CHBONU504 Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild – Acapellas Bonus White Label EP 2014
CHQU33NS14 Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild – Silk Pyramids Extras EP 2014
CHQU33NS17 Meyhem Lauren & Ice Rocks – More Cashmere EP 2015
CHMEYH3MLP003 Meyhem Lauren – Piatto D’Oro LP 2016
CHMEYH3MLP003 Meyhem Lauren – Terminal Illness 2017

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