Rahsheed & Ill Advised – Born To Use Mics [CD]

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Dope Herring drop gets a limited cd release yo!!

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1.Studio A
2. Tracking Room
3. Late Night Mixing
4. Dedication feat. Last Emperor
5. Wake Bake Record
6. Break It Down Feat. Foul Play
7. Born To Use Mics feat. High & ?Mighty
8. It’s a Scheme
9. 1986 feat. The Roots
10. Biggest Lil? Niggas
11.Big Drinks
12. Chinese Food
13.Still Creeping feat. Paul Yams
14. Rahsheed ( R.A.P )
15. They Ain’t Ready
16. On the Rise
17. Micadelphia
Track 1 produced by produced by Kaos and Malory. Tracks 1 & 12 prod. by The LG Experience. Track 3, 5, 8, 10, 13,14 & 16 prod. by
DJ Jazz. Track 6 prod. by DJ Miz. Track 7 prod. by Mighty Mi. Track 9 prod. by DJ Revolution. Track 11 prod. by Storm. Track 15 prod. by
Jay-Ski. Cuts on Track 17 by DJ Jay-Ski.
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