The Absouljah – Dim The Light EP [VINYL]

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Ill underground EP from The Absouljah

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“The Absouljah hails from the gritty paradigm known as Far Rockaway in the borough where kings are born, Queens, New York. He is the epitome of hip hop in its unadulterated purest form. When it comes to the essence of hip hop, people who are familiar with Absouljah’s music know that he is a reflection of not only the movement but also the culture. We live in a time where everyone is trying to cater to that one conformist sound that will make you successful, therefore it’s definitely refreshing and enlightening to see an artist like Ab never compromise his music and thought process in order to become part of what defines ‘success’ today. In 2007, Absouljah blessed his fans with the critically acclaimed underground gem titled ‘Slave to the Page’. Once hip hop fans got a dose of this conscious, thought-provoking street album, they all sat up and paid attention. Ever since, he has been busy crafting his lyricism and putting his stamp on hip hop. He is currently putting finishing touches on the eagerly anticipated ‘Dim the Light’ album. He is also busy working on other projects with other artists and producers.

The Absouljah represents everything that is positive with hip hop. He understands and values the essence of the culture while at the same time acknowledging his words are powerful enough to bring change. Ab has been through the era of hip hop that was build with street knowledge, he has crafted his style after the golden era of hip hop, and he has survived the shiny suits era. Here he is standing strong while never compromising himself or his music in a time where substance and lyricism has been replaced with propaganda and inflated egos. He has accomplished surviving in an environment that was the antithesis to growth and achievement. He proudly reminds his listeners that he never forgets where he came from and it is that humbleness that separates him from the rest. His music has given him the opportunity to travel all over the world while immersing him into different cultures and people. This has added not only to his knowledge but also his cultured world view and given him perspective on hip hop’s place across the globe. Perhaps his greatest achievement is the simple fact that he has stayed true to himself and the music.

The Absouljah is more than music. He is the voice for those who struggle and face oppressions and injustices daily. His aura can be best summed up with his own words, “I am inspired everyday seeing the world from the bottom”. He is an advocate for the voiceless while garnering a movement that inspires the young and old alike to follow their dreams and be the change we all want to see in this world. What stands out uniquely about him is how he expresses his emotions through his music. Many artists have tried and so few have succeeded in capturing the essence of reality and looking into one’s inner self and conveying that message out to the world. When you listen to an Absouljah track you can expect to have your thoughts provoked while your emotions go on a roller coaster ride that is composed of a soulful journey through the goodness that comes from music that is conveyed with passion and love. Real hip hop fans sense when an artist is the living experience of his words. The Absouljah is gearing up to provide more authenticity and lyricism to hip hop. Stay tuned for ‘Dim the Light’ and many more projects to come from Far Rock’s Finest.”



A1 Ninety Something feat. DJ Safe
A2 Lost in a Moment
A3 Fork in the Road
A4 World Don’t Love ft. Streets Goon & HalfaBrick

B1 In Motion
B2 The Real Type
B3 Nighttime Dwelling ft. Spicco
B4 Get Well Soon

A1 produced by Gabz of Le Gouffre. A2 prod. by I.N.C.H. A3 prod. by JFX Productions. A4 prod. by
Shaolin Beatmaker. B1 prod. by DJ Simsima. B2 prod. by Soulslicers. B3 prod. by DJ Low Cut. B4
prod. by Ugly Tony.




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