Von Love – Brain Stormin EP [VINYL]

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1988 grail straight off the OG REELS!!

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Incredible gold at the end of the rainbow business!!! We were on the search for these masters for well over 18 months. There seemed to be an issue every time it was time to receive the files. The reels baked badly and nothing could be salvaged, or they were the wrong reels, we meant to bake the other ones. But eventually we received all the individually SOUNDS…which was great for making the Acapellas, which Memory Man did, as well as remastered all the finished tracks, when we received them a few weeks later…..but we made it happen, mostly with the aid of our man in East Orange, NJ , Chioke Kendrick. Peep this crazy rare grail from 1988 re-mastered from the original reels plus an unreleased jawn from 1990, for your listening pleasure >>>


Momentary Lapse Of Reason
Art of Freestyle
This is How it Should Be Done
Momentary Laps Of Reason [Acapella]

Brainstorm [Acapella]
This is How it Should Be Done [Acapella]
Childs Play [Bonus Track 1990]

Transfered from the originl reels by the original engineer Glenn Barrett at Morningstar Studios.

Remastered by Memory Man.

Price is £19.99 + shipping
There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY
This first 120 copies will be on SILVER coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 230 are on traditional black vinyl



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Weight 235 g

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