Q-Ball and Curt Cazal first met at high school in Central Islip, Long Island, but it wasn’t until around 1992 that they met creatively. Q was shipping a bunch of demo tapes of his joints to radio stations and labels at Central Islip Post Office and after talking they exchanged phone numbers with the idea that Curt might throw him some beats. Curt by that time was already a local rap celebrity. He’d been recording with J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E since the mid 80s and recently, since the group had started to wind down, had been producing tracks for the up n coming Keith Murray and local LI hero K-Solo (originally known as K.V aka Kevin). K-Solo had attended the same elementary school as Q, Mulvey Elementary and years later Q-Ball had seen him battle kids from other boroughs in the streets of Central Islip and knew then that he wanted to study the art of MC’ing.



Curt discovered his passion for production as a DJ in the early 80s. He and B-Luv (from J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E) would DJ at local house and school parties and make pause-button mixes for fun which would lead on to his dad buying him his first drum machine. That drum machine just didn’t do what he needed it to do so he bought himself an Alesis MMT8. That piece of gear was followed by an EMU Emax rack and keyboard which he bought cause that was what he’d use day to day working at Charlie Marotta’s studio aka the Hit Squad studio. It was at this studio that Q and Curt would write the majority of their first 2 releases. Curt had been working there since 1988 learning the boards and fundamentals of production before he moved on to D&D in 1996. In between Das EFX, EPMD and Redman sessions they would write the Q-Ball and Curt Cazal material.

With a business partner the two set up VZQ Records around 1994 and instead of dropping a regular 12″ single they felt the best way to get noticed was an EP. The EP got a load of radio play at the time from both mainstream NY DJ’s to more underground stations. Based on NY radio support from legends like Red Alert and Funkmaster Flex, they managed to get together a more than expected amount of orders for the record. They hadnt anticipated such a huge support so hadn’t pressed enough copies when they ordered the record and on top of that, due to a mix up with the printed labels a bunch had to be returned to the manufacture and were destroyed – so they always felt they could’ve made more of an impact at that time. It was after that first EP of material in 1994 that they recorded the tracks Chopped Herring Records is now releasing on this limited edition EP with a view to releasing a full length album. Peep the [unmastered] dopeness and cop before they are gwannnnn yo!!!


While the vinyl is now sold out, we did drop a CD version for the “old format headz” >>>



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